1. Applicants are invited to join MHMS, there is no fee to join.
  2. Must be an Illinois resident enrolled in an Illinois college, university or technical school working towards Associate, Bachelor or Master's Degree and provide current student Identification card.
  3. Fill out the 2018 Scholarship Application.
  4. Applicant must submit a recommendation in writing to MHMS Education Committee from one professor.
  5. Submit a paper double spaced, and no longer than 6 pages as a Word document or .pdf file on some aspect of Materials Handling research or problem solving to TBD
  6. Previous scholarship recipients are NOT eligible.

Top 3 applicants will be invited to the MHMS board meeting in August, 2018 to speak for a few minutes about their paper. If they are unable to attend they will have their paper examined by the panel of judges.

Decisions will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Topic/Subject matter
  2. Strength of research
  3. Professor recommendation
  4. Presentation in front of the MHMS Board or student's paper

Email a scan of your application along with the scan of your student ID card to: TBD

Questions? Please contact us at TBD and we'll be happy to assist.